Dread New Year's Resolutions?

Start with End-of-Year Resolutions

Get you and your house in order first

3 Ways to Succeed

1) Detox

If being healthier is a typical goal you set at the beginning of each new year, then start now doing those little things that help destress, so you'll be energized to take on your new resolutions. Before you stress your body with a new diet or exercise routine, detoxify. Detoxification is a quick and easy way to kickstart feeling better by removing substances from your body that cause bloating, fatigue and insomnia. Using an infrared sauna has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways to remove toxins at the cellular level. Other benefits include lowering blood pressure, pain relief, wound healing, anti-aging and provides an exercise-free weight loss alternative. www.sunlighten.com

2) De-stress

Living a less stressful life is always at the top of most people's list for a better new year. You can take a small but meaningful step in that direction by starting with creative organization and abundant storage throughout your home. I'm sure you've heard of the old saying, "A place for everythng and everything in its place." So, imagine how much you can reduce stress and save time with built-in storage organization solutions in your kitchen cabinetry, laundry room, home office, master closet, outdoor kitchen or wellness room. www.wood-mode.com

3) Dinner

Finally, nearly everyone places spending more time with family at the top of their list. Experts say the easiest way to do that is with a home cooked meal. This is an effective way to catch-up with family, practice life skills, increase cognitive development and improve psychological health for both parent and child. Thus, creating greater focus and performance when at school, at work or even in social environments. Dietitians often share that home cooked meals have less preservatives than takeout food and when cooked at the proper temperature and with the right appliance, the flavor and nutrients trump anything served in a bag or box. www.subzero-wolf.com

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